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 Game crashes

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PostSubject: Game crashes   Game crashes Icon_minitimeNovember 19th 2014, 21:57

Hullo there, I'm new here... Err.... Still has any developer here? Well, my game crashes when I put raw meat in the fire camp, I don't know when but in some point it will be crash. The first time it crashed was when I put the raw meat in the wrong place and then clicked to the camp fire to catch it, when the camp got the raw meat the game automatically closed and appears a window of war 3 like a 'can not "read" something like that. Please help me, I can't progress because that. pale
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PostSubject: Re: Game crashes   Game crashes Icon_minitimeOctober 8th 2015, 18:13

Sorry for being away for so long... Maybe an year or more.
I can't do much for the game, but still I have released a version which fixes a few more bugs and improves victory condition - v. 5.7.1.
See the website!
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Game crashes
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