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 Ideas for next versions:

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PostSubject: Ideas for next versions:   Ideas for next versions: Icon_minitimeAugust 3rd 2013, 20:02

Here we can post new ideas that map creators could take to improve the map.

I have some ideas for future versions of Jungle trolls:

Make players to not see each others(like in wilderness survial)and add a comunication center that reveals the players of same tribe.

Make the night more dangerous-Animals spawn and atack players if fire/forge is not nearby.

Total darkness over the map(location of enemy tribes will be revealed if discovered)

Make 3 subclass at each class when they lvl up at 5
Warrior-Berseker-More atack and move speed-cant use shield
          Defender-More defence blocks a hit faster than normal warrior-less speed
          Tactician-Better jump and tactics bonuses-less health

Hunter-Beast master-Faster animal growth and more atack-cant use traps
         Scout-Fastest movemet and better sight-less meele atack
         Trapper-Traps have more damage and less materials to craft-cant tame

Shaman-Dark Shaman-Better spell damage and less mana cost-Low health and speed
         Voodo Shaman-Better zombie health and hp-less Mana
          Light Shaman-Better healing effects and less cooldown-Less spell damage

Inventor-Genius-Less cd on craft invention spell and new inventions-Lower health
           Gunner-Better guns damage and higher range-Less mana
           Demolitioner-Higher explosive damage higher health-less move speed

Change troll model to have less cloths like warrior

Remove all shaman books and add 3 Universal book crafting recipe(Eg:remove fire hands of death and malaria recipe and add a single recipe-Dark Book where you can make all 3 books)

Add a speacial armour at every class(warrior has allready bone armour)
    -Shaman-Cloth armour boots and bracer(can be improved with  special voodo)
    -Hunter-Hard leather armour set(faster move speed and better defence)
    -Inventor-Infantery armour-High protection vs projectiles and better defence)
    -Warrior-Complete bone armour set Razz

Add Bleeding-atacked by axe or most of animals-decrease health continuosly and fast
Add Impaled-shot or hitted by spear harpoon or trap-loose hp and move speed
Add Burned-Burned by spell or flamethrower-Atacks cause you to get pain effect

Adding some animation would be RLY COOL!

Add new trees like coconut and bannana tree

Add Backpack and Armour

When trees are cutted they drop sapling that could be placed

Add some new insects

Add new spells like jump hide swim climb

Add climbing rope (to reach hills)

Add new armour like plaudrons Helm helmets and new masks

Add new enchants to weapons

Add quiver model to hunter

Add Palisade wall

Change troll model to be smaller and become faster cause he is tall as a tree lol?

And add some new decoration like skull on spear totem of strengh etc.

And when your troll reach lv 10 there should be a challange for each class that as reward you get again lv 1 but your skin changes(you get some troll paintings) and stats dont will be same as before Like this

Hunter-Marksman-The true ways of an archer(hunt x (animal) just with your bow

Warrior-Chief-The Strongest from the jungle(kill anacondas and tarantulas no death)

Shaman-Heremit-Mystic arts of voodo(make all voodo gear and all revivable animals)

Inventor-Alchemist-Get the philospher stone more than once in a single game

(These ,,evolves'' may be added at the secondary class eg:Berseker-Axe Master etc)

Add some new potions(made from new plants)
Add some damaging potions

Add a description for each plant Eg:
Bardene-A common/rare(i dont know Razz) plant that has healing proprieties beeing able to heal small wounds but if it is eaten corectly it can heal much complicated wounds.Could be brewed at cauldron in strong potions.

Make Tribes Larger
-Add Essence of Life(gained from killing other trolls(10% drop spirits cant get it)
-Add Essence of Warrior (10% drop for all classes)
-Add Essence of Shaman
-Add Essence of Inventor
-Add Essence of Hunter
-Make a craftable Troll made out of troll meat skull bones esence of life and one of 4 class essences
The new troll is a weaker troll and a non hero unit
Depending on class he can have 1(shaman) 2(inventor) 3(hunter) 4(warrior)Equip slots
They can use their special weapons(guns bows dual axes etc)
And their gear must be -1 lvl
Eg: Troll Warrior can use Snake Iron armour and bronze axes- Cant use aligator armour and iron axe
Troll Shaman cant use any arcanuum

When u lvl up to 10 you get a title like Chief for Warrior Master Engineer for Inventor
Heremit for Shaman Beast Hunter for Hunter
Name exemple: Chief Kill'Be
You have to craft a troll to recive one of theese titles

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PostSubject: Idea   Ideas for next versions: Icon_minitimeAugust 12th 2013, 20:36

Make spears stronger add 5 damage to every thrown spear. And add some kind of spear invention. For example. Dark spear invention "Dark spear". 25% chance to do 2times more damage then normal spear. And drains 20 mana. can be trown additional 200 range for +20 to normalspear damage and causing night maresleep for 8 sec. which drains 5 mana every second
powerhit adds Shadow poison buff. Draining 4 mana every second for 50 sec.

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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for next versions:   Ideas for next versions: Icon_minitimeAugust 14th 2013, 16:13

Yeah i like that idea
There should be a iron spear for warrior that does much more damage than normal horn spear and has a greater critical chance.
And warrior should be able to combine 2 spear stacks to get dual spears(cant use shield) and he throws 2 spears at same time with a higher cooldown.
Same with throwing axes.
Hunter should do more damage with poisoned weapons and he should get the bonus of herbal knowledge and not shaman cause he is a hunter-he knows everything from the jungle.
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for next versions:   Ideas for next versions: Icon_minitimeSeptember 18th 2013, 09:23

Idea for cooking:
When you've reached atleast level 1 cooking skill, there's a chance (which will increase with cooking skill level 3%/5%/10%) that Festive Pie recipe will appear in cauldron.
It will give full energy and hp regen over 10 sec. (any damage taken will break the effect to avoid disbalance in fight), instant restore heat and food like Greater Elixir, permanent +5/6/7/8/9/10 (random number) to all stats  (effect will remain after death). Full heat and food buff for the one day.
The Festive Pie will motivate trolls to cook more food.

The Festive Pie reagents will be:
- 2 Greater Elixir
- 6 Old Troll's Cake
- 10 Berries
- 5 Honey
- 1 Tasty Omelette

The Festive Pie will consist of 1-4 portions (depends of tribe member's number)
It will also give the achievement: Chief-cook Troll
Whole Pie:
Ideas for next versions: Inv_food_christmasfruitcake_01
One portion:
Ideas for next versions: Inv_misc_food_146_cakeslice
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for next versions:   Ideas for next versions: Icon_minitimeNovember 17th 2013, 14:15

So we need to replace Siege tower (because it completly usless :slow ms, shooting at all what it see, manual reloading, easy to break ,even by animals)
by some kind of enginere golem. That golem should be able to carry and use chainsaw and flamethrover (by replacing some wooden parts ofc). Also ability to improve them by adding materials (like in tower upgrade), and maybe some addons like flaregun (1 wood 1 bronze bar and 1 flint) and use flares like ammo. Hes gonna have 4 slots in inventory and difficult recipe : 1 engine (maybe 2) , 5 wood 2 bronzebar 1 manastone (as heart and sourse of power).

Here the model (xgm.ru/p/wc3/2865)
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PostSubject: position can make any difference in battle :   Ideas for next versions: Icon_minitimeMarch 15th 2014, 12:45

how about terrain height is changed an fogging is critical factor
once we did wrong move it's doom from us
how about remove ability to see invis things from hawk??
it's make like detector trap and torch useless item

and make torch is like throwing axe not include secondary or primary equip
cause it doesn't have any effect when we hit use torch
it's just opinion
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for next versions:   Ideas for next versions: Icon_minitime

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Ideas for next versions:
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