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 Zandali Language (Troll Language)

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PostSubject: Zandali Language (Troll Language)   Zandali Language (Troll Language) Icon_minitimeMarch 3rd 2013, 13:16


Zandali, also known as Troll, is the native language of the trolls. Trolls of all types speak Zandali, which is descended from their ancestral tongue, though some have descended so far into barbarism that they have forgotten this language, instead speaking Low Common. The Troll language is largely syllabic. Credits to Blizzard Entertainment.


Zandali usually uses a prefix or suffix for their tribal names. Examples:

* Jin - Suffix, refers to a tribal chief or elder. (Ex. San'jin, Zul'jin, Vol'jin, etc.)
* Zul - Prefix, describes a voodoo master. (Ex. Zul'Vami, Zul'Gurub, Zul'Opti, etc.)
* Fon - Suffix, means "loner": someone who has deliberately absented himself from troll society and its obligations and is little better than a pariah.Credits to Blizzard Entertainment.
* Zulfi - Prefix, corruption of the voodoo master prefix, "Zul".

Trolls sometimes, use a swear word on another troll if they do something wrong. Examples: Source

One of the most versatile words in the Zandali language. Vekk actually means crooked, dishonourable, but it is used as an expletive for all occasions.

"Vekk! What the vekk are you doin', mon? You almos' got us killed, you vekking piece of vask."

A noun that means excrement. Vask is used to describe something that is unpleasant or worthless.

"Hah! Dat is da biggest cart-load of vask I ever heard."

A Zandali word for a noxious insect, used to describe any horrible creature. Being compared to one is not a compliment.

"Get away from me, you rotting offspring of a jillik!"

An old Zandali word meaning the Nether (the spirit world outside the troll heaven). It is roughly equivalent to the word 'Hell'.

"Where in naraka have you led us, you murka? Dere's vask up to my ku'ca and dere's no vekking way to get out!"

A Zandali word for an inexperienced or foolish person.

"You vekking murka, Blackhorn! Now we has ta go lookin' for da key!"

Zandali slang for breasts.

"Hey, green-skin! Stop starin' at my ku'ca or I'll come over dere and slap you so hard you'll be pickin' your tusks out of da wall."

Insult implying that a female has loose morals or is of negotiable affection.

"I can't believe he's chasin' after dat skinny little puccha! She's leadin' 'im around by the draks!"

A Zandali slang word for an intimate male body part. (Males usually have two of them.)

Someone who isn't the sharpest sword in the armoury. An unintelligent person.

"What a ja'da! It's already sunset an' we'll hav ta waste even more time waitin' for 'im to catch up."

Some Zandali Words and Phrases:
This is the list of words created by the in-game language parser for the Troll language, and is listed as language number fourteen (word range 1280-1358) in the Language text file.Credits to Blizzard Entertainment.

* Ai - Ones.
* Atal - Devoted (Ex. Atal + Ai = Atal'ai which means Devoted Ones).
* Juju - A fetish, charm, or amulet used by some tribes.
* Kaz'kah - A death totem.
* Mojo - A magical spell, hex, charm; broadly : magical power. (Ex. Mojo of Haste, Mojo of Power, etc.)
* Taz'dingo - A cheer.
* Voodoo - A person who deals in necromancy or a magical spell : hex, charm, etc.

Converted Zandali Words:
Note: Some troll words usually have a meaning in our real-life language.
Note#2: I don't think there's a word like "convertion" cause there's always a red line under it Very Happy Fixed, thanks to jimmehdean!

* The "Z" letter in zandali has a lots of conversion. Example: Z as a conversion of letters T and H (Th) which will be like, Ze (The), Zey (They), etc. You can also use the letter Z to replace the letter S (Take note that you can only convert letter S if it is the last letter of a word). Example: Trollz (Trolls), Gamez (Games), etc.
* Mon = Man.
* Usually, trolls put an apostrophe at the end or beginning of a word if it is H or G.(Ex. Doin' (Doing), 'Ello (Hello), Dyin' (Dying).

Note: I'll edit this post if i find mistakes, more to add, etc.

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Zandali Language (Troll Language)
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