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 stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01

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stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01 Empty
PostSubject: stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01   stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01 Icon_minitimeJanuary 4th 2014, 14:55

as soon as we heard that JTT reborn is still being developed we instantly installed wc3 again, but the old issues are the same again: after ~2-3 hours of gameplay the game crashed with an OutOfMemory exception. we cannot possibly tell if due to a memory leak or too many animals on the map, but something has to be done about the constant crashes - so far every game we played has ended by crash and not by war.

how do you like the idea of releasing the sourcecode under an open source license or enlarging your development team? i guess other problems like the NullPointerException-crashes that occasionally happen if you force-attack a carniplant that changes its "status" whilst being hit are still not fixed so far - but others might be able to spot them out for your devteam.

no offense, but right now JTT doesnt need more content, but a lot of bugfixes and for gods sake no more gamecrashes.
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stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01 Empty
PostSubject: Re: stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01   stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01 Icon_minitimeFebruary 2nd 2014, 00:11

Please try test 04.

While it pains me to do so, I removed two of the functions which created the most problems: the frolls fishing cycle and the carnivorous plants (the latter may require only some simple fix, but it is needed a lot of testing to tell where might be the problem).

I'm happy about another thing: after thorough comparison and a bit by intuition I found the reason for desyncs and removed it. The game seems to start fine with all players present.

About gameplay - I don't want to add more things, but there are things to be done for improving the game experience and I'm doing it little by little.

As for the expanding of dev team - I really want some more people to work on the game, but all I get is enthusiasts who cannot help me. The game is LARGE and complicated. Some functions are created by interconnecting of many triggers. Some are in JASS, some are GUI. Nobody can help on it without thorougly analyzing the code and asking questions on every step (and still probably screwing something).
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stability issues with JungleTrollsReborn5.6test01
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