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  New guy! (on Garena)

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 New guy! (on Garena) Empty
PostSubject: New guy! (on Garena)    New guy! (on Garena) Icon_minitimeMay 25th 2013, 08:08

Hello everyone I used to play warcraft 3 way back when people actually used battle.net lol anyway I'm on Garena and I was wondering if people played this ever? maybe a new group? I see the current 3 are filled up and I would love to try this game. It reminds me of island troll tribes. If someone could tell me if there is another group and I would appreciate it.

My user ID: 107462618

Made a new group incase there isnt a new one.
ID of it is: 275244
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New guy! (on Garena)
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