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 JTR Replays

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PostSubject: JTR Replays   JTR Replays Icon_minitimeAugust 26th 2012, 01:13

I've seen some really remarkable replays of JTR games. Here you can give a link to them so others can also share the pleasure of watching them.
Please provide links that won't expire in some time.
I'd still recommend to make a short video instead - showing the best moments of your game cyclops

Forum created by request of iChaos.
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PostSubject: :cheers:    JTR Replays Icon_minitimeAugust 27th 2012, 14:27


I will try to start this one Razz

But hey, I need to fix the videos first. Very Happy

I will edit this soon. bounce

Here is my replay featuring a 2v1 battle, I am a warrior vs 1 warrior and 1 shaman. SPOILER : I WON THE GAME BECAUSE OF LACK OF TEAMWORK I was playing this around 11:30PM~12:40AM something, that is why I am kinda slow and not very fast. alien

On the other hand, here is another replay featuring some of the garena players on the garena group. (Note that I am NOT playing here, because I got dc'ed). I wanted to show you this video to SHOW THE WRATH OF THE FROLLS! Credits : Fun, KillerBee, Armando, And some random Pub. rabbit . Frolls ownage here. (LINK : OH YEAH CLICK HERE.
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PostSubject: curious   JTR Replays Icon_minitimeOctober 25th 2012, 13:13

Is there any replay of great battle between clan??

what the hunter is strongest unit??
trap from hunter is so strong, i can kill komodo dragons at lvl 5 alone
#sory if my english so bad Razz lol!
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PostSubject: Re: JTR Replays   JTR Replays Icon_minitime

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JTR Replays
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