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 Inventor's team rushing strategy

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PostSubject: Inventor's team rushing strategy   April 11th 2012, 00:02

1st. 4 players in a team pick 4 Inventors (or 3 players pick Inventors and 1 Shaman for healer)

2nd. All inventor pick Shotgun. (Shaman pick Book of Light, that book is really good at supporting team: regen HP / haste / and slow)

3rd. Find flints for ammo, find bone for daggers, save flint for make genedaz (also find any spider venom or snake venom for poison gas)

4th. Rest and wait for the next morning

5th. The next morning, come to the enemy island, stick together and target 1 enemy Troll then another. (use micro run-and-shoot )

This strategy is nearly unstoppable (50/50 if there is another tribe doing like this). In the version near 5.2, the gun was fixed to store 5 ammo for each flint. This Jungle Troll Reborn map as we can see from today, Inventor got the most cheap O.P rushing items.
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PostSubject: Re: Inventor's team rushing strategy   April 11th 2012, 04:03

Yea that strategy does sound pretty unstoppable if unpredicted.
However if you actually hide your base well, and stop them from finding you so easily in the first place, you'll gain the upper hand while they are pointlessly looking around.
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Inventor's team rushing strategy
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